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Undergraduate Research

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How can I start writing?

Staring at a blank page and willing yourself to start writing can be an intimidating stage in the research process. Watch the following video for some advice on how you can get started with your writing: 


Key Takeaways

  • Don't wait to start writing until you feel you know what you're going to say; your ideas will get developed as you write.
  • You don't have to start with the introduction; start anywhere!
  • Binge writing might be a great way to start, but it is not sustainable. Ceate a schedule where you get to write a little bit everyday (i.e., snack writing).

How you write and what you write will vary depending on your field. 

For writing reports and research papers in the sciences, check out the following guide created by the Writing Support Services at the Student Success Centre: 

In other fields where you may have to develop a thesis statement, check out the following guide by the Writing Support Services at the Student Success Centre: 

IMPORTANT Did you know that you can book one-on-one appointments for writing support at the Student Success Centre? For more information on booking, click here