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APIs for Scholarly Resources

A list of commonly-used APIs for scholarly resources

Twitter Academic Research API

Academic researchers with specific research objectives are encouraged to apply. This includes graduate students working on a thesis, PhD candidates working on a dissertation, or research scholars affiliated with or employed by an academic institution.


  • New and existing Twitter developers need to complete an Academic Research application to access. You’re encouraged to apply if you meet the following criteria:

    • You are either a master’s student, doctoral candidate, post-doc, faculty, or research-focused employee at an academic institution or university.
    • You have a clearly defined research objective, and you have specific plans for how you intend to use, analyze, and share Twitter data from your research. More about Project details here.
    • You will use this access for non-commercial purposes. More about non-commercial use here.

    If you don't meet all of the requirements above, consider other access levels to the Twitter API.


  • Non-commercial use only
  • 10 million Tweets / month
  • 50 requests / 15 minutes, per app

Useful Links

API Wrappers and Other Tools

Twitter Datasets

Tip: Check the link below to see if the dataset you need has already been gathered.

Reddit API

Provides access to query and retrieve Reddit posts, comments, subreddits lists, user history, and many more.


  • A Reddit account (for authentication purposes) and request for a OAUTH Client ID.
  • You have to agree to the Terms of Use before you can request one here.


  • Calls made through connection via OAuth2 can make up to 60 requests per minute, with 100 items per request.

Useful Links

Reddit Datasets