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Finding library resources for Anthropology

Search for Videos in the Library Collections


Search for video (DVD & VHS) and a small portion of our streaming video collection by either going to Advanced search and  limiting item type to Audio Visual or by filtering  search results to Item type AudioVisual.



ANCS Aboriginal Films held by the Library

Streaming video




  • Documentaries, unpublished footage and feature films    
  • Advanced search allows you to be very specific about what you want

Films on Demand

  • Browse under Anthropology by sub-disciplines, including cultural and physical anthropology, and research methods/fieldwork


100 Incredible Anthropology Lectures Online


Assigned a video for class?

Check with our staff at

TFDL Learning Commons

  • Service Desk - 1st floor

Take a look at the guide for finding videos!

Image sources

Need to find images to use in an assignment, presentation or other educational project? 

If you use Google Image Search, make sure you filter by usage rights under Search Tools to find images that are labeled for reuse.

Always attribute (i.e. give credit to the source) as they specify (information usually available on the download page).

Note also these sources of images:

British Museum  - over 2 million objects including Archaeological and other objects from the ancient world, Europe, Africa, Asia, contemporary cultures of indigenous peoples, and coins from ancient Greece and Rome

McCord Museum - Ethnology and Archaeology -"Some 15,800 ethnographic and archaeological objects reflect the special and longstanding ties that link the Museum to the Native peoples of Canada and document many aspects of their ways of life, arts, cultures and traditions. This sector also includes a number of objects from communities living in Alaska and the northern United States.

New York Public Library Digital Collections  - over 800,000 prints, photographs, maps, manuscripts and videos.

Oxford Art Online  - text of key art reference works.  Can limit search to image only

Peabody Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology at Harvard University  -  over 1.2 million objects and 1/2  million images from around the world.  Includes Aztec figurines, masks from Central America and painting of Meso-American architecture

Penn Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology -  over 150,000 images




Visit Spatial and Numeric Data Services, 4th floor TFDL.