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Full Serve Laser Cutting

Full Serve Laser Cutting

This page provides information about the laser cutter services in the Taylor Family Digital LIbrary.  Please read this carefully before submitting your job.

What equipment and materials do we use?

We use a Glowforge Basic for the cutting.  Materials are restricted to 3mm baltic birch and 3mm clear acrylic.  The useable area on each tile of material is 270mm x 370mm.  Exact thicknesses may vary.  Refer to the Designing for Laser Cutting page for the most recent accurate measurements of material thickness, as well as some suggestions on how to create good designs.  Scrap and leftover materials can not be used.  We recommend laying out your designs to use sheets as efficiently as possible to reduce waste.  

Who is eligible to use the laser cutter service?

The TFDL laser cutter service is available to people with a email address.  We prioritize academic projects.  We also reserve the right to refuse requests at our discretion.

How much does it cost?

Baltic Birch:  $11

Acrylic: $15

**we are still piloting the service, so costs may change as the service evolves

Laser cutting Policies

  1. The library's laser cutter may only be used for lawful academic purposes. No one is permitted to create material that is:
    • For commercial purposes.
    • Prohibited by local, provincial, or federal law.
    • Unsafe, harmful, dangerous, or poses an immediate threat to the well-being of others.
    • In violation of another's intellectual property rights. For example, you cannot reproduce material subject to copyright, patent, or trademark protection.
  2. The library reserves the right to refuse any laser cutter request.
  3. The library cannot guarantee output quality or stability, nor confidentiality of designs.
  4. Completed jobs must be paid for via our online portal prior to pick up.  We accept Visa or Mastercard only.
  5. Completed jobs must be picked up by the individual who submitted them, using valid ID, at the first floor service desk in the TFDL. Materials not picked up within 30 days become the property of the Library.
  6. We make no guarantee of turnaround time on requests, and may not be able to provide an ETA on completion or any information on your place in the queue.
  7. While we want all cutting requests to be successful, our staff do not have the resources to modify / repair problems with a design.  Users are responsible for the quality of the submitted designs

How to submit a laser cutter request

Submit a request using our online form.  Our staff will contact you to discuss any problems with your design, and possible additional fees.  Once a cost estimate is provided, you will be asked to approve the job prior to it being cut.

Payment is processed using the library's fines system.  Once the job is completed, you will be fined for the cost of the service.  After the fine has been paid, your completed job will be available for pickup at the Taylor Family Digital Library main service desk, during library open hours.  Rush orders can not be accommodated.