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Air Photo Search Guide

This is a guide to finding air photos in the Spatial and Numeric Data Services collection.

Identify Air Photo sets

Step 2: Search SANDS air photo database using your 1:50,000 scale NTS map sheet number (ex 82 O 01) to find all SANDS air photo sets for that map sheet. 

The result of searching the database is a number of air photo sets. These sets fall within the 1:50,000 map sheet, but may not necessarily cover your area of interest.

SANDS air photo sets are arranged by Call Number as in the following example:

82 O 7 1924 consists of photos taken within the 1:50,000 scale NTS map sheet 82 O 01, at a scale of 1:7,000, in 1924. 

Digital access: About 32,000 historic photos from the SANDS collection have been digitized. If you see this: view plotted flightline index, some or all of the photos in the set have been digitized and are online. Navigate to your area of interest and click on the markers to link to the scanned air photos. Photos can be downloaded in full and medium resolution.

If there is no plotted flightline index link, photos are available only in hard copy. 

Note the air photo sets call numbers, which will be used in Step 3.