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Air Photo Search Guide

This is a guide to finding air photos in the Spatial and Numeric Data Services collection.

Select photos

Step 4 It is helpful to refer to a print or online topographic map when identifying your area of interest. Once you have looked at the flight line maps and identified photo numbers, you can select the air photos.

Calgary and area air photos are at SANDS; all others are held off-site, retrievable within a few days. For retrievals, SANDS needs to know: 1. photo set call numbers 2. roll numbers and 3. photo numbers.

Air photo sets are stored in boxes labelled with the same call number as the flightline maps (ex 82 J 30 1999). Some sets have multiple boxes. 

Individual airphotos have the camera roll number and photo number marked, usually at the bottom. 

Airphotos generally have a 60% overlap side to side and 30% above and below; this allows for 3D viewing with stereoscopes.  SANDS has several stereoscopes for in house use.


                                             Louise Bridge, Calgary, 1965 and 1993