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Air Photo Search Guide

This is a guide to finding air photos in the Spatial and Numeric Data Services collection.

Consult Flight Line maps

Step 3Flight line maps show exactly where the plane flew (flight lines), and the locations of each photo (photo centres). SANDS collection flight line maps are identified by call number.

For the Calgary area, flight line maps have been organized in four black binders, arranged by year. These are kept at the SANDS TFDL 4th floor location. For other areas, flight lines are arranged by the 1:250,000 NTS map sheet number.

Most of the flight line maps have been scanned and are available online. For those areas that don't have online maps, hard copies are available at SANDS.

If you know the sets of air photos that have coverage for your 1:50,000 map sheet (using the call number from Step 2), you can restrict your search to those flight line maps. If you only know the 1:250,000 map sheet number, you will need to look through all the flight line maps for that map sheet.

Flight line maps provide camera roll number and photo numbers. Maps are labelled with the SANDS call number (ex 82 J 30 1999). On most maps, the airphotos held by SANDS are marked in green

Look through the flight line maps for your area of interest.