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Canadian Music Centre - Prairie Region Library Research Guide

Sound Recordings


Canadian Music Centre - Prairie Region Sound Recordings

The Canadian Music Centre has an extensive collection of sound recordings in a variety of formats including 33 1/3 LPs, vinyl records, cassette tapes and CDs. Most of the sound recording collection (CDs, LPs, vinyl records) are for reference use in the library. We also have a CD Special Collection available in the library. Any member of the public can come in and listen to recordings in our office with our various audio recording player devices during office hours (Room G203 of Craigie Hall).

Canadian Music Centre Sound Recordings Online

There are archival recordings (of Canadian works or with Canadian performers) available online through the Canadian Music Centre's CentreStreams. In order to listen to music on CentreStreams, an Canadian Music Centre account needs to be created, which allows free streaming of recordings via our Music Library. The CentreStreams Guide is a guide for how to search for and listen to recordings on CentreStreams.

Prairie Sounds

The CMC offers recordings through our record label, Centrediscs.