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Canadian Music Centre - Prairie Region Library Research Guide

Reference Files

Western Canada Digital Archive Initiative

The Canadian Music Centre Prairie Region is working with the Canadian Music Centre British Columbia Region to create a digital archive with tens of thousands of articles, program notes, newspaper clippings, etc. about Canadian composers. The digital archive in its current format can be found here.

Canadian Music Centre - Prairie Region Archive

The CMC - Prairie Region has files for thousands of CMC Associate composers from across Canada and their works. These are currently held at Archives and Special Collections at the Taylor Family Digital Library. The files are comprised of numerous personal archives, or fonds; because of this, potential researchers should note that there are also materials related to our organization in the fonds of other individuals and organizations. (For example, the Canadian Society for Traditional Music, John P.L. Roberts, Alan H. MacDonald, and others.) All of these, however, can be found via the link provided above.

Prairie Region Composers we have in this collection include:

Aaron Gervais

Allan Bevan 

Allan Glliland

Allan Gordon Bell

Allan Rae

Andrew Creaghan

Arthur Marc Bachmann

Bruce Carlson

Cheryl Cooney

Chester Duncan

David Dahlgren

David Eagle

David Kaplan

David McIntyre

Diana McIntosh

George Andrix

Glenn Buhr

Gordon Fitzell

Gyula Csapo

Hope Lee

Howard Bashaw

Irene Johansen

Jacobus Kloppers

James Harley

Jason Cullimore

Jean Papineau - Couture

Jeffrey McCune

John Estacio

Laurie Duncan

Leslie Mann

Malcolm Forsyth

Marcel Bergmann

Michael Horwood

Michael Matthews

Neil Currie

Paul Zicheng Fu

Piotr Grella - Mozejko

Quenten Doolittle

Reinhard Berg

Remi Bouchard

Richard Johnston 

Robert Aiken

Roger Deegan

Rolf Boon

S. C. Eckhardt-Gramatte

T. Patrick Carrabre

Vincent Ho

Warren Herbert Belyea

William Jordan