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Canadian Music Centre - Prairie Region Library Research Guide

Canadian Music Centre Library Research Guide

About Us

The Prairie Region of the Canadian Music Centre is located on the University of Calgary campus in Craigie Hall G. It is home to the Violet Archer Library which contains over 20,000 scores available for free circulation. The Prairie Region office also offers a wide collection of books, music periodicals, composer information, and CDs for sale or free listening. Many of these items are unavailable elsewhere. Services available at the Centre include photocopying, printing, and binding of scores. Whatever you are looking for in Canadian music, we will help you find it, hear it, borrow it, or buy it.

Canadian Music Centre - Prairie Region Library Research Guide

Welcome to the Canadian Music Centre - Prairie Region Library Research Guide. Our library hosts classical music scores written by Canadian composers, focusing on compositions written by composers in the Prairie Region (Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba). Most of the scores in our collection have been published by our organization. The Prairie Region office houses previous editions of music-related periodicals, including International Arts Manager (1992 - 2006), Arts Bulletin (Spring 1976 - Winter 2001), Finnish Music Quarterly (1991 - 2012) and Quires (Winter 1980 - Spring 1995). 

The Canadian Music Centre has extensive archival material related to the music of prairie region composers, including program notes, newspaper clippings and posters. For example, a file on Godfrey Ridout's Folk Songs of Eastern Canada (1967 - 1970) contains program notes from various performances that included one or more of his folk songs. 

The guide serves as a key information resource on Canadian composers.The Canadian Music Centre is a nation-wide organization that exists to promote and preserve the work of Canadian composers, and to make it available to the public. Links within the different guides will redirect you to, where you can find composer biographies, lists of works, recordings. You can also submit loan requests for scores for free.

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