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Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Remote Delivery for Spring and Summer 2020 Credit Courses

On Sept. 24, 2020, the university announced that instruction in the 2021 winter term will continue to be delivered with a blend of face-to-face and online modalities. Read the full announcement here.

To find answers to frequently asked questions regarding your coursework and academics as it relates to COVID-19, go to Frequently Asked Questions for Students

Tips for Learning Online

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To help protect against all respiratory illnesses, including the flu and coronavirus, you should:

To help protect against all respiratory illnesses, including the flu and COVID-19, you should clean and disinfect surfaces that are frequently touched. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offers several recommendations for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and bedding, linens, and clothing. 

Cell phones can be particularly germ-filled surfaces. Apple offers specific recommendations for cleaning your cell phone, cell phone case, and other devices.

While Apple mentions that "[u]sing a 70 percent isopropyl alcohol wipe or Clorox Disinfecting Wipes, you may gently wipe the hard, nonporous surfaces of your Apple product, such as the display, keyboard, or other exterior surfaces" (Apple, 2020), other sources recommend against using Clorox or Lysol wipes on your cell phone and other devices. 

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