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Art & Art History

This guide is intended to help you get started with your art research.

Use the search bar above to search our catalogue, or visit our library home page.

When searching for articles about art and art history, try using the following types of search terms and combining them:

  • Title of the article, if you know it
  • Artist name
  • Artistic movement
  • Time Period
  • Region or Culture
  • Technique or Medium

Use filters like Articles, Newspaper Articles, or Reviews to limit to articles, as well as Peer Reviewed to limit to scholarly peer-reviewed sources.

Finding Articles in Databases

Databases are collections of articles and journals, often around a particular subject. They are a great resource in your research, as they provide access to subject-specific resources, can search across many journal titles, and have many filtering/limiting options as well as tools for finding related resources.

Below are a list of databases particularly relevant to art and art history. Please read the descriptions for particular search tips and strategies.

Art Journals and Magazines

Use the following subject heading links to browse journals and magazines related to art: