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Bachelor of Health Sciences


A patent is a document registered in a specific country that grants "the inventor, the right to stop others from making, using or selling [their] invention" for a specified number of years. "The rights given by a Canadian patent extend throughout Canada, but not to other countries. You must apply for patent rights in other countries separately. Likewise, foreign patents do not protect an invention in Canada". (Canadian Intellectual Property Office). 

Canadian Patent Databases

Canadian Patents Database (Intellectual Property Office) - Database of medical and non-medical patents registered in Canada.

Health Canada Patent Register - Database of patented medicines in Canada.

Health Canada Drug Product Database - Database of information on drug products (and companies) marketed in Canada.


International Patent Databases

Espacenet (European Patent Office) - Searchable database of over 140 million international medical and non-medical patents

Google Patents - Index to international patents, including (but not limited to) those from Canada, US, and European Union.

Pat-INFORMED (World Intellectual Property Organization) - International database of the status of pharmaceutical patents in specific countries.

Patent Public Search (US Patent and Trademark Office) - Database of millions of medical and non-medical United States patents.

PatentScope (World Intellectual Property Organization) - Database of over 100 million international patent documents including international patent applications (PCT)

Scopus (Elsevier) - A multidisciplinary database of Canadian and International articles, conference abstracts, web sources and patents in health and other disciplines.