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BUSN - Real Estate

Provides links to databases, associations, research on the open web, statistics and more for both residential and commercial real estate.


Directories will help you identify companies involved in the real estate, property management and real estate investment trust industries.

ReferenceGroup: Canadian Businesses

  • This directory includes public and private businesses. Use various criteria to limit the results to a specific industry, geographic region etc. The "Major Industry Group" will allow you to select the specific industry group you are searching for. 
    How to: Introduction to ReferenceGroup: Canadian Businesses database

Canada Business Network (Open Access)

  • Includes information on starting your business and more.

Mint Global database

  • This database also permits screeing for companies (public and private) that meet specifric criteria.

Canadian Real Estate Association - Realtors (Open Access)

  • Search for a specific realtor or an office.

Real Estate Enterprises

Financial Performance data (Industry Canada) (Open Access)

  • This tool allows you to view financial performance data based on Canadian industry averages, with an option to include your own income statement and balance sheet information in the report.

Quarterly Financial Statistics for Enterprises (Statistics Canada) (Open Access)

  • Balance sheet and income statement data and changes in financial position by industry. Scroll to find Table 14: "Real estate and rental and leasing companies".