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Qualitative Data Analysis using NVivo

Using NVivo for your Literature Review

NVivo can be an excellent tool to help with your literature review. Suggested steps include:

  1. Use a bibliographic reference management tool                 [opens in new window]            to collect your references.
  2. Import references and PDFs from that tool into NVivo                 [opens in new window]            .
  3. Code your articles using themes and keywords
  4. Query                 [opens in new window]            the full text of the articles to discover and/or auto-code sections of your articles.
  5. Annotate                 [opens in new window]            and use memos or notes within NVivo to store your observations and ideas                 [opens in new window]            .

Here's a good demonstration of how to put the pieces together using an earlier version of NVivo (0:45 long):

And here's a detailed look at how one grad student used the Mac version of NVivo for her literature review (1:15 long):

More videos!

And one final blog post: Extending Your Literature Review With NVivo                 [opens in new window]