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Providing support for exploration and creation of new media forms such as animation, soundscapes, graphics design and digital video

Troubleshooting the A/V Suites

Note for Suite 340A: The keyboard is not on the USB switch to allow people to use it with their own laptop. If you want to use the keyboard, you will need to use it with the Mac desktop in the room.


Possible Reason


No input (microphone/midi) or output (speakers)

Audio interface is not selected as input/output.

Go to the mac preferences, ensure that Scarlett 18i20 is selected as input/output. Easily checked by clicking on the volume icon at the top left and seeing if the Scarlett is selected as the output.

Interface (Scarlett) is not recognized by the computer (Not available as an option for either output or input).

Turn off the Scarlett, leave for 20 seconds and then turn it back on.

If that won’t work, hard shut down the computer, leave it for about 10 seconds, turn it back on.

Room 340A only - Interface is routing through to the wrong place (Going through the USB instead of to the Mac or vise versa).

Room 340A only - Hit the USB switch on the side of the computer, wait about 15 seconds for the interface to load.

No input (Microphone/midi)

The wrong input is selected.


Make sure the program running has input 3 selected. A lot of people hit Input 1 because it’s the default, but nothing is plugged into input 1.

Close the program and open it again to set it to input 3.

The microphone/midi have become unplugged (we ask that people do not unplug or change the back cables) although sometimes people do and fail to put them back.

Ask DMC staff for assistance if you think this is the case. Ensure the cords are plugged in at both ends and in good condition.

The input is turned down.

Ensure that the gain 3 knob on the Scarlett is up, as well as the gain knob on the preamp if using 340D (Between 50% and 75% should work). 

The Scarlett is muted.

Find the mute button on the Scarlett interface (Below the monitor knob) and press it so the light is off.

Midi Keyboards: The controller is not on/plugged in.

Ensure the USB connecting the controller is plugged in and the switch on the top is in the USB position.

Midi Keyboards: The keyboard is not on.

Use the power switch on the back of the keyboard to ensure it is on and make sure the USB coming directly from the keyboard is plugged in at both ends.

Microphones: The microphone has no power. You can tell by looking at the Scarlett and making noise by the microphone. If there are no readings on the Scarlett but the interface is on, the microphone has no power.

340B (this is a common problem in this room): Press the “+48v 1-4” button on the Scarlett, directly to the right of Input 2 on the front, and ensure it is lit up.

340D: Press the +48v (Phantom power) button on the preamp.

Applications (Logic Pro, GarageBand) won’t open

Another user didn’t log off and has the application open.

Hard shut down the mac computer using the power button, leave it for about 10 seconds and turn it back on. This forcibly logs everyone off and closes their applications.

Note: This will also delete any files someone has saved locally to the computer. It’s important to always move your finished saved files off the desktop when you are done either via a USB or e-mail.

No Output (Speakers)

Speakers are turned down/off.

Check the back of the speakers, ensuring they are both on and that the volume knobs are set to 0 (the center position).

Ensure the monitor knob on the Scarlett is at a good level and that the dim button underneath is NOT on.

The computer and/or the software do not have the Scarlett set as the default output.

Check that software being used has the Scarlett selected as the output.

Double-check that the Audio-Interface is selected as BOTH input and output. Go to System Preferences -> Sound -> Select Focusrite/Scarlett 18i20

You want to plug in headphones to the Scarlett

The Scarlett needs a converter from ¼” audio jacks to 3.5mm audio jacks.

There are converters for your use at the DMC staff desk. These can be plugged it into the female audio jacks on the Scarlett, right next to the power button. They’re labelled with a picture of headphones. In a pinch you can plug a 3.5mm audio jack into the back of the  Mac computer (looks like a small trash can)

Adding More Microphones

*Note: The microphones we have already are very sensitive and are fine to pick up multiple people at the same time. 2+ microphones are rarely needed.

Please do not modify the cabling in the AV edit suites.

You would like to use hardware/software we do not have.

Hardware: Mac Pro 6-Core, Yamaha 6.5 inch Reference Speakers, M-Audio M-Track Eight 8-Channel USB 2.0 Audio Interface, ART Pro Audio Channel Vactrol/Tube Leveler Compressor, Arturia 61 Note Keyboard, Korg nanoKONTROL Studio Mobile MIDI Controller, ART Pro Audio Professional Studio Mic Preamp II, Sennheiser MK4 Condenser Microphone.

Software: Logic Pro X, Audacity, GarageBand, Adobe Creative Cloud 2019, FinalCut Express, Premier Pro, Adobe Audition, Microsoft Office 2016, Google Chrome, etc.

All questions regarding adding or changing hardware, or software, should be directed to DMC staff person.

How do I export my Audio?

Step 1: Select the region that you want to export

Step 2: Go to -> File -> Bounce Project or Section...

Step 3: Select the file format that you want your audio file to be, make sure the length is the same length as your project, and click OK.