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Open Educational Resources (OER)

This guide provides information and resources to help support you learn about OER, find and evaluate existing OER, adopt OER, and create OER projects.

OER Workshop Series Overview

Welcome to the OER Workshop Series page! On this page you will find information and links to the resources used and referenced in the workshops.

For interested UCalgary-affiliated attendees who attend all four workshops in the series can be awarded a Foundations in Open Educational Resources badge by completing one additional assignment from a list of options. You can find more details about this optional badge assignment opportunity in the last section on this page.

To learn more about UCalgary badges visit the website.

OER Workshop Series Optional Badge Assignment

If you have attended all four workshops in the OER Workshop Series and are UCalgary affiliated, you can be awarded with a Foundations in Open Educational Resources badge by completing one additional short assignment.

These assignment options provide the opportunity for you to continue delving into different topics from the workshop series. Upon completion of your chosen assignment, you will use the submission form to submit the assignment to the OER workshop teaching team for review.

There are 5 different options to choose from split into two categories:

  1. Finding OER: Adopting & Adapting
  2. Opening up Your Teaching Materials.

Listed below are descriptions of each assignment option with the resources needed to complete your chosen assignment. This same information is also available in a downloadable file [Google Document].

Select one assignment to complete and submit from the list of options below.

Badge Assignment Descriptions and Resources

Finding OER: Adopting & Adapting

For the following three assignment options, you first need to search for and select an OER that partially or fully meets the needs for your course or interest. Then select one of the following options to complete using the OER you have found.

If you would like additional support searching for OER you can use the OER Treasure Hunt Worksheet to help you conduct an OER search.

Assignment Option 1: Faculty Checklist for Evaluating Course Materials

Evaluate your selected OER by completing the Faculty Checklist for Evaluating Course Materials as you review the OER.

 Assignment Option 2: A Lesson Around OER

Develop a lesson plan around your chosen OER. This could also extend into multiple classes depending on your use of the OER, but you are only required to complete this assignment for one class session.

Assignment Option 3: Adoption or Adaptation of an OER Preliminary Plan

You will develop a preliminary plan for incorporating your chosen OER into your course either through adoption or adaptation.

Opening Up Your Teaching Materials

For the following two assignment options, you will be evaluating your own teaching and learning materials that you use in your course(s). Please select one or more items to evaluate. These might include slide presentations, student assignments, other formative or summative assessments, handouts, worksheets, lesson or curriculum plans, lecture notes, etc.

Assignment Option 4: Opening Up Your Teaching Materials as OER Preliminary Plan

Evaluate your teaching and learning materials to identify materials that you would like to share and license openly. Develop a preliminary plan for sharing your teaching materials using the provided planner to guide you.

Assignment Option 5: Tracking Attributions in Your Teaching Materials

You will assess one or more items of your teaching materials to identify any external resources you've incorporated that require attribution. You will evaluate whether the attribution statements you have included need editing or if they need to be added to provide adequate attribution. To record the attribution information for each resource, you will use the Attribution Tracker worksheet provided. You may either just submit the completed Attribution Tracker to the OER Workshop teaching team or you may also submit your updated teaching material.

OER Workshop Optional Badge Assignment Submission Form

To obtain this badge you must complete and submit just one of the optional assignments listed above.

Select the orange submission form button below to submit the OER Workshop Series optional badge assignment to the OER workshop teaching team. You may choose to submit the completed assignment as either an uploaded file or an accessible link. You are welcome to share your completed assignment openly on a personal blog, website, or other platform and submit a link to that post.