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Undergraduate Research

Resources for course-based undergraduate research experiences

Managing Group Work

The ability to work within a group is one of the most valuable skills that students can develop in their undergraduate career. It is directly transferrable to most jobs in any field. To set your group up for success in your work, here are a couple of things that you can do: 

Establish a Code of Conduct 

A Code of Conduct can act as your group's contract or agreement with each other; this will help establish accountability. A Code of Conduct can include your expectations during meeting and for completing work, and it can also include the roles that each person will play in the group.

You can create your own Code of Conduct from scratch or use the following template created by Dr. Cari Din, PhD, from the Faculty of Kinesiology.

Use the Assignment Planner

The University of Calgary Assignment Planner is a tool that your group can use that will break down assignment/project into manageable steps. It will also provide a timeline based on the dates that you indicate, which can be used as guide for your group to know when certain steps should be done to be on track. Click here for more information on how you can use the assignment planner.