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Undergraduate Research

Resources for course-based undergraduate research experiences

Time Management Tools

Having a plan on when you're going to complete components of your research during the term will help ensure that you are doing your project within the time frame that you have. 

The University of Calgary Assignment Tracker is a great tool that will create a timeline for your project and break down it down into manageable steps.

How to Use the Assignment Tracker:

  1. Fill out 'Assignment Title' box (description optional)
  2. Set the start date on when you plan to start working on your project 
  3. Set the end date for your project. It may be useful to set an end date that is before the dead line for the project to ensure that you have extra time to make changes if needed. 
  4. Select your assignment type 
  5. Click 'Submit'

If you want to save a copy of the plan, log in using your IT account. 

IMPORTANT Having a timeline is useful, but being flexible is also important! Use the timeline as guide and adjust accordingly.