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Finding library resources for Anthropology

Anthropology-Specific databases

Other Databases useful for locating articles on various aspects of Anthropology:

Are you looking for a specific article?

> Yes, I have a citation (I know the title, journal and author).
Copy and paste the citation into search box on the library homepage..  If this does not retrieve the article, then select Advanced Search and the Journal Search option in the top grey bar.  You can either enter the journal title or browse for it. 

> No, I'm looking for articles on a topic.
Start with the library search and then the anthropology and general databases 


  NOTE Databases search many different journals. 


We don't own it?

Fill in an interlibrary loan form for print books and journal articles. We'll find it for you.

Still can't find what you need?

Is it a peer-reviewed journal?

Peer-reviewed and scholarly journals are related but not identical. Not all scholarly journals go through the peer-review process.

Academic/Scholarly articles: 

  • Scholarly journals contain articles written by, and addressed to, experts in a discipline, including scholars, researchers, and academics.
  • They are concerned with academic study, especially original research, and demonstrate the methods and concerns of scholars.
  • Articles are usually fairly long, include charts and tables and the language is  discipline-specific
  • Scholarly journals always rigorously cite their sources in the form of footnotes or bibliographies. Many scholarly journals are published by professional organizations. 

Peer-reviewed articles:

  • Peer review is the process by which colleagues critically appraise each other's work in order to ensure a high level of scholarship.
  • When the manuscript of an article is submitted to a peer-reviewed journal, independent experts are asked to read and comment on the manuscript. If approved by the reviewers, the manuscript is accepted for publication as an article in the journal. 

Test out your understanding of Popular vs Scholarly Articles  using Quiz created by University of Arizona Libraries

Use to check whether a journal is scholarly or peer-reviewed.

1. Type in the name of the journal. Click the magnifying glass icon to search.

2. On the results page, look for a little black and white referee shirt icon next to the journal.
Refereed = peer reviewed

You'll probably see more than one listing for the title because there's separate entries for print, microform and electronic versions.

How to find keywords

Has a librarian come to your class?

Take a look at the Courses tab for course- and assignment- specific databases.