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Finding library resources for Anthropology

Anthropology - Websites

See also Open-Access resources for books and journal articles


Africa Portal  -   information on African policy issues

American Society for Ethnohistory - interdisciplinary approach to creating "a more inclusive picture of the histories of native groups in the Americas" - site has journal, conference, student awards, job postings

Anthropological Theories, University of Alabama - search for theories (Note: site does not work in Internet Explorer)

AnthroBase - resources sorted by themes and regions, contains student work (likely not peer reviewed!)\

Becoming Human - paleoanthropology and human evolution - site has interactive, multimedia approach

Center for World Indigenous Studies 

Curtis' The North American Indian 

FAMSI (Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies, Inc.) - books, journals, etc on Mesoamerican anthropology, archaeology, ethnography, ethnohistory, art history and  linguistics 

National Geographic Archaeology - general information

Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology Collections (University of California, Berkeley)

Royal Anthropological Institute (Great Britain and Ireland)

Career, Research funding & Graduate School

Canadian Anthropology  Association - Conference information, job bank, research opportunities for students

Society for American Archaeology - Jobs, scholarships, current affairs

National Geographic Committee for Research and Exploration - funding opportunity for projects