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EndNote Citation Tool

An introduction to EndNote 20 Desktop version and EndNote Online / Web (free version).

Using the EndNote plug-in to Insert Citations


The video covers how to configure the Cite-While-Yo-Write (CWYW) plug-in when writing a manuscript in Word
  • Download the Cite-While-You-Write plug-in to automatically insert references in a Word document.
  • Within EndNote Online account, got to the Downloads tab and install the plug-in according to device specifications.



The video shows how to insert references and format bibliographies when writing a manuscript in Word. 
  • Find and select citation (s) and insert them into a Word document
  • Place the cursor at the end of a word, sentence, or paragraph within a document where you would like to insert a citation > click Insert Citations
  • Use the Edit and Manage Citations feature to modify and add more information - i.e. prefix, suffix, pages, remove references.



This video shows how to customize an EndNote-generated reference list with Configure Bibliography
  • Choose from many available Output Styles from the drop-down menu under Style
  • Reformat citations and bibliographies according to the output style required for your writing