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Contact the Business Librarians

We have librarians who are experts in providing research help in the business and public policy literature. Please feel free to contact the team:

Zahra Premj

Rhiannon Jones

John Wright 

An Introduction to the Business Literature

Types of Information

  • Industry reports (an overview of an industry in a particular geographical region that provides trends and outlooks, including competitors)
  • Company reports (often referred to as an annual report provides an overview of company operations and financial standing to stakeholders)
  • Market research (an overview of the size of a market, demographics, consumer trends and geographical information)
  • Journal articles (academically published information that comprises of collated research to present evidence that supports or disputes a topic of inquiry)
  • Etc

Sources of Information

  • Regulatory
  • Commercial (by companies themselves, or by companies about other companies)
  • Industry/trade associations
  • Non-profits
  • Media
  • Etc

**There isn't just one database that can "find it all", you need to search multiple sources**

Databases to search:

General business database

  1. ABI Inform/Proquest business premium collection
  • Try using this database to find reports, journal articles etc.
  • The example below demonstrates a basic Canadian report search
  • Add a row to add your specific discipline or topic


General business database

  1. Business source complete

Industry report database

  1. IBISWorld

Company report database

  1. Thomson One - analyst reports. Great for spot prices, markets, and company news on specific projects. Use “company research” tab to search. Use Internet Explorer
    1. EXAMPLE:
    2.  search “company research” advanced search for propene….then try propylene (title/text, then try title only).

Company report database

  1. Mint Global



  • It is best to use the advanced search if you know what site you want to search.
  • EXAMPLE: oleflex in google.
    • Then add oleflex and borealis (then add cost).
    • Or, oleflex and cost filetype:pdf to find reports and presentations by the company.


Does the library have a subscription to June Warren, IHS Markit, Wood Mackenzie etc?

  • We do not have subscriptions to those resources and these companies do not typically license to postsecondary institutions.
  • The information researched and synthesized in these reports contain competitive information intended for industry, and not educational, use.
  • We are unable to provide Interlibrary Loan services for reports from these and other research and outlook companies.