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About Reaxys

Reaxys is essentially the Web version of CrossFire/Beilstein and Gmelin handbooks; it also includes the Chemistry Patent Database.

Like its predecessors, it is a comprehensive database comprised of substance, reaction and citation information.

(Historical note: Reaxys replaced CrossFire as of January 1, 2011.)

When to use Reaxys?

  • For properties of substances 
  • For reactions and synthetic pathways

When should you use Reaxys vs. SciFinder? What help materials are available? View the video below. Earphones are highly recommended.

Links mentioned in the video:

System requirements

Sun Microsystems Java Version 5.0 or later (also known as Java Runtime Environment (JRE) Version 1.5.0)

All browsers and OSs supported, and release information (from Reaxys/Elsevier)


Note: Reaxys' own help pages are quite good. Click on the question mark icon from any search page.

Reaxys structure editors

ChemAxon MarvinSketch is the default editor. Reaxys also supports Crossfire Structure Editor, Symyx Draw, Symyx ISIS/Draw, and CS ChemDraw.

To change the structure editor, sign up for an account and change the editor under the "My Settings" tab.

If you are going to use Crossfire Structure Editor, Symyx Draw, Symyx ISIS/Draw, or CS ChemDraw, you will need to download a plugin. Directions are available where you choose your structure editor.