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Indigenous Topics

Residential Schooling Government Resources

Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC)

INAC is a department of the Government of Canada responsible for affairs related to indigenous peoples. and contains official reports and publications from Canadian Departments.

  • Use suggested terms in the main search bar
  • Alternatively, you may navigate the menu at the top right of the web page to find government publications on Indigenous Peoples, the North, Reconciliation, Indian Status, and more. 
    • Within each section, materials pertaining to Canadian Residential Schooling will be found.
    • Browsing these sections is most useful when choosing your topic and/or focusing your research
  • You may also choose "Indian Residential Schools" from the "Quick Links" section on the homepage
    • Here you will find latest settlement agreements, official apologies, and current government activities.
    • Excellent resource for recent materials about government efforts for reconciliations.

Library and Archives Canada

Resource for historical publications, records, and primary source materials.

Use the "Discover Collection" button to browse for materials such as

  • Government Databases which provide documents, videos, photos, legislation, and so on
  • Genealogy reports 
  • or Government Research Guides

Use the search bar to find specific topic items according to your topic search

  • Use subject heading "Indians of North America" to access historical documents

RG10's (Indian Affairs Record Group 10): 

  • “The records found in RG 10 contain the historical records relating to Indian Affairs created by the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development and its predecessors. They include files, correspondence, letters, and transcripts on all aspects of Indian administration for both headquarters and the field offices.”



Alternatively, search the U of C library catalogue for physical copies of government documents held in libraries on campus.

  • Use search terms "government, document, record, reports, or Canadian" combined with other keywords on the U of C library homepage.