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Religious Studies Web Guide

Religious Studies Web Guide Background

This web site, compiled by Cheryl Adams, Religion Specialist, Library of Congress and Saundra Lipton,  Retired Religious Studies Librarian, University of Calgary focuses on free internet resources of use to researchers involved in the academic study of religion.  First published on the web in 1995, this is an ongoing review of free academic religious studies research resources.  All religious traditions are included. 

These open access resources include: directories, bibliographies, indexes, library catalogues,  dictionaries/encyclopedias, e-texts and journals. Blogs and material that can be readily located through a search engine have not been included.  While the site links to select  individual sacred texts, only collections of e-texts have been included.  The tremendous amount of material on religion available on the web has necessitated the establishment of specific parameters in order to maintain a manageable scope.


Creation of this site is made possible by:
  • Ongoing support of our work on this project by the University of Calgary Libraries and Culture Resources and the Library of Congress
  • 2015 Grant awarded to Dr. Virginia Tumasz and Saundra Lipton from the University of Calgary Department of Classics and Religion and the Faculty of Arts to hire a students to work on enhancing the journals section of the Religious Studies Web Guide
  • 2017 research leave awarded to Saundra by the University of Calgary.  This leave allowed Saundra, working with Cheryl,  to focus on a total review of the site including the move to a new platform.


Suggestions for improvement are welcomed. Please contact web site creators Saundra Lipton (Adjunct Librarian, University of Calgary Library) and Cheryl Adams (Library of Congress)